Re: Timer start registration breaks the gtk_main()

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 11:48:38PM -0700, ikorot earthlink net wrote:
> Lex,
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> >>>It is not automagically passed a pointer to an instance of the object
> >>>(no "this") so it will only work if the function does not access any
> >>>instance members.
> >>
> >> Which means that every member of the class that will be used by this function
> >> should be static. But this is not good.
> >
> >Not if you want more than one instance :-)
> Which is not the case here. ;-)

To make that finally clear, thats why the signal functions pass a data
pointer.  So to use C++ you can always either pass the object into the
static function:

	class CFrame {
		static gboolean ReadData(CFrame* me);
	/* ... */

or I would prefer to leave the C++ alone and write a small wrapper

	frame_ReadData(CFrame* f) { return f->ReadData(); }
	/* ... */

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