=?koi8-r?Q?Re=3A_How_to_get_GdkNativeWindow_from_GdkWindow=3F_(need_during_iteration_of_display, __using_gdk)?=

Not sure, is it correct way... i found gdk_x11_drawable_get_xid (), which takes GdkDrawable pointer and returns XID. I guess, it is same as GdkNativeWindow, right?

But even so, GdkNativeWindow is not associated with only one windowing system (HWND on m$ win), and so, it would be nice, to have more generic way to get it.

Sun, 13 Mar 2011 21:56:45 +0300 письмо от Mike Cookson <cook60020tmp mail ru>:

> Hi all.
> I'm developing window docker - tool, allowing to turn any toplevel window
> into panel. It should check all toplevel windows in default display for
> properties (name, role, class, type, probably something else) and create panel
> on the same screen, which should grab window into GtkSocket widget (also
> grouping by props is planned).
> Iteration looks very easy - i just get default display and iterate screens and
> toplevel windows. But in order to grab window - i need to get its ID. I saw
> x11-specific lookup functions, to get GDK objects from X11 objects; but in
> this case i need reverce operation. However, i saw also function to get
> default XDisplay object, but in this case iteration may be done only with X11
> API.
> Currently i got tool, that grabs one window, with synopsis:
> "window-docker WID" (could also be extended to grab set of windows,
> placing them in one or more rows).
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