about gtk client side accessibility

dear sir/madam
i am trying very hard to find information for gtk client side accessibility but i got nothing,my questions are
1.i am developing gtk on windows xp sp3
2.i want to develop a gtk application from which i should be able to get information about others gtk application like title,description,role etc for different widgets.
3.in simple words i want to develop a application similar to inspect tool available in windows.
4.when i point on any gtk application using cursor i have to get it's child's,title,role etc.
5.i want to know is there any interface which is similar to automationelement.frompoint() in ui automation which provides element from point  which the cursor is pointing ,is there any interface in gtk / atk which does the same.
6.is there anything so that i can get informationg about gtk applications using UI automation only , right now ui automation is giving information about toplevel window in gtk application .please help


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