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Subject: FGimpMovie project
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Date: Saturday, June 11, 2011, 1:27 PM

I send this message, If you have not received the previous.

I want to develop a powerfull video editor based on Gimp and I need more developers, if you wish join contact me fabiojosue gmail com, I've done part of intern field of keyframes.

If you wish look the source use:
svn co
and if you not want to contribute where I find developers???

You know as is the plugin support of Gimp??? I wish implement this support.
my email is: fabiojosue gmail com


svn co

fabiojosue gmail com

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gtk-list mailing list
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Look up


And I do not think one should develop an editor based on 'gimp'.

'gimp' after all these years still doesn't have 16bpp images support.

Though KDE Krita ( ) does support 16 bits.


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