Re: gtk-list Digest, Vol 86, Issue 9

Hi Phong,

On Mon, 6 Jun 2011 22:27:42 +0100 I wrote:
> When you call g_dir_open at the top level, you pass it a PATH to the
> directory, either relative to CWD or absolute. When it finds a file in
> there it prints only the name of the file, not its full path. So why
> would you expect the recursive call to work? The directories it finds
> in /home/me/test/files aren't present in /home/me/test so of course it
> won't find them.

All of which was true, but there was one more thing I missed - you need
to do this path combining whenever you want to refer to the actual file
rather than the directory entry, and that includes the call to


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