GLib 2.29.14

hi all,

Only a few days after the previous release, GLib 2.29.14 is now out.
You can grab it from the normal place:

The checksums:

  2e407742b60c7b6e48527e6f6f5cf1fe8ea7494a55b3a070ebf04cabe044fe5a  glib-2.29.14.tar.xz
  d474069c198fb63e0cab401f1baf054c57fe7db9c55650c3d8347d686ca163a0  glib-2.29.14.tar.bz2

Overview of changes from GLib 2.29.12 to 2.29.14

* Unicode improvements
 - add g_unicode_script_{to,from}_iso15924
 - more normalisation improvements
 - stop using deprecated g_unicode_canonical_decomposition()

* GParamSpec:
 - mark the 'name' field as 'const' and add a comment to the header to
   help avoid future problems caused by bad hacks

* Merge some (modified) patches from Debian:
 - 03_blacklist-directories.patch
   - add some blacklisted mount directories
 - 60_wait-longer-for-threads-to-die.patch
   - sleep longer in a test case, if needed to avoid failing

* Units policy change: prefer use of SI units
 - deprecate g_format_size_for_display, add g_format_size(_full)

* GSettings: don't call g_error() when the schema is missing

* GVariant support for arrays of object paths:
 - new g_variant_{new,get,dup}_objv API
 - support for g_variant_{new,get} '^ao' and '^a&o' similar to '^as'

* GDBus:
 - use new improved array-of-objects support and pass 'ao' as char**
   instead of GVariant*
 - improve handling of 'h' type (Unix file descriptor index)

* GIO:
 - fix compilation without USE_STATFS and USE_STATVFS

* Documentation fixes

* Bugs fixed:
 622921 Migrate from dbus-glib to glib's GDBus
 648271 Add g_unicode_script_to_iso15924()
 654948 Stop using deprecated g_unicode_canonical_decomposition()
 654988 g_atomic_int_add should document behaviour change
 655076 normalization misses some Full_Composition_Exclusion=True.

* Translations updated:

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this release:
 Behdad Esfahbod
 Benjamin Otte
 Dan Williams
 David Zeuthen
 Giovanni Campagna
 Simon McVittie
 Vincent Untz


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