Subclassing GtkButton

I'm trying to subclass the GtkButton widget to make it able to respond
to certain size constraints, like 2:1 or 1:2 width per height. Now I'm
know I had to work with the method that define the new
Height-for-width (H4W) geometry.
What I want to know is that: by reading the documentation on GtkWidget
[1], sounds to me like a widget support geometry H4W or W4H or both.
My question is GtkButton class, which geometry supports ?
I want to know cause I can't understand too well how a widget is
queried for its size. The explanation in GtkWidget page sounds like
the queries depends on the type of geometry the widget support. That
make me wonder which of those methods I have to reimplement when
subclassing GtkButton, cause so far, seems like I have not need to
reimplement GtkWidget::get_preferred_height method.

Any help, would be appreciated, thxs


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