gtester output and Bitten test report


I wrote a trivial (Python) script to transform gtester output
into a Bitten test report. However, I'm not sure about the
correct mapping of elements. Maybe somebody has an idea?

I could not find a description of the gtester XML output, at
least glib does not contain a DTD or RNG, but that's how it
looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <testbinary path="./binary-under-test">
    <binary file="./binary-under-test"/>
    <testcase path="/path/to/test">
      <status exit-status="0" n-forks="0" result="success"/>

The source code contains also
<performance minimize= maximize= value= >

Bitten test reports are documented here:
and look like this:

<report category="test">

OK, testcase/duration and testcase/status are easy, but is it
useful to map gtesters testcase path to Bittens test/name?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I will post the 20..30 lines script here, when it's ready.

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