Strange coloured blocks


I've been having problems with blocks appearing instead of certain gtk
elements. After playing with gtk-demo, I've narrowed the problems down
to hyperlinks and single/double underlining. The underlining problem
only seems to affect some applications' spell checkers. Xchat has the
problem, but openoffice, evolution and chromium don't.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with openbox rather than gnome - but the problem
is present in both environments.

Here's some screenshots of the problems;

I've asked around in #gtk+ and the ubuntu channel and forums to no
avail. Do any of you have any ideas of what the problem is, or how I can
narrow it down further?

An unrelated note, but this is my first ever mailing list post! I hope
I'm doing it right, but if I'm not or I've broken some kind of
etiquette, please shout at me (:

Kindest Regards,

Phil Markham

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