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Happ New Year!!
Have a good time. (From China)

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Happy New Year.
From China. 
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   1. GTK+ 2.99.3 released (Matthias Clasen)


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Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 16:29:20 -0500
From: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
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Subject: GTK+ 2.99.3 released
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GTK+ 2.99.3 is now available for download at:

03dd37fd89fe0f0cea688cb077192b5ff95325b66d53d724c7511d36b6e90496  gtk
b456ab2b90c550cca9596bc5a939eb87dc4d0af3d502c180ec2fa4718a0ced61  gtk

This is the last beta release of what will become GTK+ 3.0.
The amount of changes that went into this release was larger
than anticipated, and we will therefore give it at least a
week of little to no changes before declaring 3.0 done.


 * GTK+ 3 will be parallel installable with GTK+ 2.x, and
   this release has been prepared to test this by renaming
   all .pc files, libraries, include paths, and so forth,
   to include a '3.0' component.

   An exception to this is the gtk-update-icon-cache utility,
   for which parallel installation would make little sense.
   Distributors can choose to build GTK+ 3 with the
   --enable-gtk2-dependency configure option to avoid building
   gtk-update-icon-cache, and rely on the GTK+ 2.x version of
   the utility instead.

 * GTK+ 3 removes deprecated API from the GTK+ 2.x series and makes
   struct members unavailable that have been GSEALed in 2.x. Therefore,
   applications can be prepared for porting to GTK+ 3 by making sure
   that they build with -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED and -DGSEAL_ENABLE.
   For more information about porting concerns, see the porting guide
   that is included in the API doc:

   The removal of GSEALed struct members and deprecated APIs has been
   completed. Any deprecated APIs in this release will not be removed
   before GTK+ 4.0.

 * Bugs should be reported to

What is GTK+

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for
projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of
languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and
Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides
an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the
licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all
developers, including those developing proprietary software, without
any license fees or royalties.

Where to get more information about GTK+

Information about GTK+ including links to documentation can be
found at:

An installation guide for GTK+ is found at:

A porting guide from GTK+ 2.x to GTK+ 3:

Common questions:


GTK+ is a large project and relies on voluntary contributions.
We are actively searching for new contributors in various areas
and invite everyone to help project development.
If you are willing to participate, please subscribe to the project
mailing lists to offer your help and read over our list of vacant
project tasks:

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 2.99.3

* This release adds some forgotten padding to class structs,
  and thus breaks ABI for a last time before 3.0

* Many Introspection annotation improvements

* We no longer build the gtk-update-icon-cache utility, and
  use a preexisting one, if --enable-gtk2-dependency is passed
  to configure

* GtkBuilder can now fill GtkComboBoxText and GtkMenToolButton
  widgets with data, as well as GtkFileFilters and GtkTextTagTables

* GtkImage now has a ::use-fallback property to allow generic
  fallback with GIcons and icon-names (e.g. for symbolic icons)

* There's a new gtk_text_view_get_cursor_locations() to enable
  popup-at-cursor functionality

* The application chooser widgets can now set a custom
  dialog heading

* The file chooser and application chooser widgets have received
  minor visual improvements

* gtk-auto-mnemonics is now backed by an XSetting

* Defaults for GtkSettings, as well as theme-specific settings,
  are now read from key files

* Key themes are now supported again, their syntax has been changed
  to be CSS-like

* More objects use GtkStyleContext directly now:

* GtkPlug and GtkSocket have been reduced to X11-specific API, and
  using them requires including the <gtk/gtkx.h> header, and uses
  of GdkNativeWindow in their APIs have been replaced by the X11
  Window type.
  A number of other API changes were necessary in GDK to ensure
  that multiple GDK backends can coexist:
  - GdkNativeWindow has been dropped
  - The GdkEventOwnerChange owner field is a GdkWindow now
  - The GdkEventSelection requestor field is a GdkWindow now
  - The GtkWidget::client_event vfunc is gone
  - GdkEventClient is gone, together with related API:
  - gdk_drag_get_protocol_for_display has been changed to

* Migration guide and tutorial and other documentation improvements

* Bug fixes
 322926 FileChooser: Alt-Shift-Down should work like Alt-Down
 351755 GTK_RANGE (range) -> round_digits should be exposed...
 586635 gtk_info_bar_add_button() should return GtkButton*
 590459 Text is sometimes not pasted at the right location
 598952 Implement object attribute to expose toolkit/source
 626336 Warning when activating GtkButton outside of an event...
 634677 assertion in finalize assuring that buffer is NULL...
 635287 Specify packages when generating GIR
 636691 Rendering icons with prelight state doesn't...
 638920 gail should provide toolkit as an AtkAttribute
 639139 Subclassing GtkIconView broken lately in master
 639186 gtk_paper_size_new fails to recognize valid name
 639325 Generated introspection broken
 639380 Critical warnings when detaching tab
 639455 accel cell renderer critical warning
 639520 Update docs about colormap to use visual instead.
 639531 No error is given when attempting to save to "nonexistent...
 639625 Crashes on dereferencing a NULL GtkBorder.
 639750 Support css3 colors
 639754 Must widget class names begin with uppercase letter?
 639767 password not accepted in gnome-screensaver dialog
 639792 Regional panel: "Add" dialog: combos not sorted
 639822 Synthesized button2/button3 does not transfer source_device
 639845 insensitive and separator items in comboboxes not working...
 639931 gtk_application_add_window() docs should mention window destr...
 639949 pygobject leaks references on GtkWindows
 640005 removable media dialog should use app names
 640006 choose app dialog shows other apps by default
 640011 Selects application on cancel
 640105 Crash showing a offscreen window with a textview inside
 640161 GtkFileChooserWidget 0xbbf6c0 is mapped but visible=1...
 640188 gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable missing from migration guide
 640195 gdk_cairo_create gets cairo context with badly clipped...
 640282 insensitive, active check button becomes sensitive
 640313 BadDevice X error when ungrabbing a SLAVE device
 640391 Display lines between rows when window is focused
 640487 crash on gtk_statusbar_remove_all()
 640698 Incompatibility in 'matched-selected' signal invocation
 640712 GtkAssistant fonts are too big
 640744 mount-operation: don't show the dialog until the tree...
 640902 X11 headers included by default in public headers
 640965 XCompose does not work with GTK+ 2.99.x
 640983 GtkSettings: Fix theme not updating for dark theme
 640999 GtkSpinner Class check macro is invalid
 641023 assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed in gtkplug.c
 641039 Cannot expand/collapse nodes by mouse
 641042 assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object) in gdkevents.c
 641059 Fix several bugs handling GtkTrayIcon symbolic colors
 641073 Please be consistent with GtkEntryCompletion
 641176 Fix crash in gtk_fixed_remove()

* Translation updates
 Norwegian bokm?l

Contributors to this release include:
Tristan van Berkom
Cosimo Cecchi
Colin Walters
Michael Natterer
Fridrich ?trba
Jasper St. Pierre
Chun-wei Fan
Christian Dywan
Javier Jard?n
Martin Pitt
Carlos Garnacho
Garrett Regier
Luca Ferretti
Anders F Bj?rklund
Sebastian P?lsterl
Bastien Nocera
Pavel Holejsovsky
Florian M?llner
Johan Dahlin
William Jon McCann
Benjamin Otte
Tomeu Vizoso
Federico Mena Quintero
Christian Persch
Guillaume Desmottes
Murray Cumming
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Krzesimir Nowak
Paolo Borelli
Emmanuele Bassi
Stefan Kost
Kristian Rietveld
Dan Winship
Vincent Untz

February 1, 2011
Matthias Clasen


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