GLib 2.31.6

GLib 2.31.6 was just released.

This release is an unstable release on the way to 2.32.0.  It is
intended for use with the GNOME 3.3.3 release and is needed to build
Gtk+ 3.3.6, which will be released soon.

You can grab it from the usual place:

  26f082d3dfa017c73049a7f09333dd2114abd32849fd601394e35f4f8b34e49a  glib-2.31.6.tar.xz

Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.4 to 2.31.6

* GApplication no longer has APIs for setting menus.  Those have been
  moved to GtkApplication.

* the GActionGroup import/export functionality has been decoupled from
  GApplication by the introduction of a new interface for the purpose of
  handling platform data: GRemoteActionGroup.  This allows Gtk to
  properly deal with platform data (and gdk threads) on window actions.

* lots of documentation improvements

* bug fixes and a huge number of memory leak fixes

* the test suite now passes on ARM and some of the GDBus testcase hangs
  we've been seeing have been resolved (although others could remain)

* g_bytes_get_data() API changed: now includes 'size' out parameter

* new g_queue_free_full() API similar to g_[s]list_free_full()

* desktop files: use standard "Keywords" now, not "X-GNOME-Keywords"

* gsettings commandline tool now has --schemadir option for schemas not
  installed in the usual place (ie: as part of plugins)

* Bugs fixed:
 643736 GApplication doesn't emit dbus signals on action updates
 657433 g_queue_free_full() missing
 664699 glib: documentation fixes
 665737 acquire/release gdk threads lock on incoming dbus
 665879 GBytes: add a size argument to g_bytes_get_data
 666113 various leaks in GLib, GIO are visible in the regression tests
 666115 various tests leak memory, obscuring real leaks in the library
 666145 Doc could be more explicite that g_thread_init calls can be droped
 666173 Configure warning - linux/netlink.h usability... no
 666296 Race condition in g_thread_xp_get_srwlock
 666415 Settings tools should allow specifying a schema directory

* Translations updated:

Thanks to those who helped:
 Alexandre Franke
 Chris Coulson
 Christophe Fergeau
 Chun-wei Fan
 Colin Walters
 Dan Winship
 Daniel Mustieles
 Florian Müllner
 Giovanni Campagna
 Matthias Clasen
 Ravi Sankar Guntur 
 Simon McVittie
 Stef Walter


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