GLib 2.31.4

GLib 2.31.4 is out.

This is a point release on the way to what will become GLib 2.32.0.

  627fbffdb0c0a95709778e54ab32620d3e4ae9dfed939bb69ab4a50209ff43fb  glib-2.31.4.tar.xz

Overview of changes from GLib 2.31.2 to 2.31.4

* EXPERIMENTAL: Menu support has been added to GApplication.  Menus
  are exported on the bus, alongside the actions that are already there.
  There have also been many related improvements to action group

  These new APIs are subject to changes in the coming releases.  In
  particular, it seems somewhat likely that the APIs for registering
  menubars may change in order to accommodate windows with different
  types of menubars.

* GDBusConnection previously directly dispatched destroy notifies when
  unregistering objects if the current main context was the same context
  the object was exported on.  It now unconditionally dispatches these
  through an idle on the context.

* Clean up Requires in pc files. Linking against GIO no
  longer drags in gmodule. This may require dependency
  fixes here and there.

* Introduce GBytes, a data type for immutable, fixed-size
  byte sequences. This makes the pre-existing GBuffer
  API available outside GLib

* GDBusInterfaceSkeleton can now be exported on multiple

* Bugs fixed:
 600161 Do not use static GTypeInfo and GInterfaceInfo
 640077 GFileMonitor: Always send CHANGES_DONE_HINT after a move...
 641720 Misleading definition for local_command_line() in GApplic...
 648516 Little comment error and 2 useless lines of code
 651997 Dummy backend for gapplication
 652560 Test for g_ascii_strtod is failing
 662208 failure to initialize a GInitable should be considered...
 662718 GDBusInterfaceSkeleton should be able to export on multi...
 663291 GBytes: Immutable, refcounted sequence of bytes
 664406 Need context for a proper translation
 664455 Build fixes for GLib GIT master (2.31.x)
 664558 GDBusWorker.frozen has a value > 1 in a gboolean
 664559 sys/wait.h not available on windows
 664617 gdbus segfault error 4 in
 664635 GMemory{Out,In}putStream _async functions break sub-class...
 664809 Add command line option to gtester to allow skipping tests
 665067 cryptic assertion failure if nonsensical flag combinations...
 665184 Check ref. count before reffing/unreffing
 665298 Add 'Requires.private: libpcre' to glib-2.0.pc
 665391 update documentation around mainloops
 665607 ./configure is there for fiddling with cross-compile enviro...
 665634 g_dbus_node_info_new_for_xml() errors on unknown attributes...
 665685 Add a #define for the max length of a Unicode decomposition
 665733 GDBusConnection holds lock while calling destroynotify

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Thanks to the contributors to this release:

   Aleksander Morgado
        Behdad Esfahbod
        Benjamin Otte
        Carlos Garcia Campos
        Colin Walters
        Cosimo Alfarano
        Daniel Mustieles
        Dan Winship
        David Zeuthen
        Kjartan Maraas
        Matthias Clasen
        Michael Vogt
        Nicola Fontana
        Philip Withnall
        Piotr Drąg
        Rico Tzschichholz
        Sam Thursfield
        Seong-ho, Cho
        Simon McVittie
        Stef Walter
        Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen
        Tristan Van Berkom
        Yaron Shahrabani


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