Re: Locked accels hardcoded for GtkWindow

On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 3:22 AM, Zveroy <zveroy gmail com> wrote:

>  /* movement keys are considered locked accels */
>  if (!accel_mods)
>    {
>      static const guint bindings[] = {
>        GDK_KEY_space, GDK_KEY_KP_Space, GDK_KEY_Return, GDK_KEY_ISO_Enter,
> GDK_KEY_KP_Down,
>        GDK_KEY_Left, GDK_KEY_KP_Left, GDK_KEY_Right, GDK_KEY_KP_Right,
>      };

  [ ... ]

> What the hell is this?! Anyone know workarounds?

GTK has extensive internal support for "key navigation" that allows
users to move keyboard focus and
which-widget-will-be-activated-by-default around a GUI without having
to resort to the mouse.

The keys above are all involved in this support, although Return plays
a special role - it activates the current default widget, if any. This
means that GTK prevents them from being used as accelerators.

For many GUI apps, this key navigation system is a real positive for
many users. For a few apps (like the one I work on) its generally a
liability. There are ways around it but they are complex and a bit

I am currently thinking about a patch that makes the use of these keys
for key-nav optional at the request of the application and/or user.
Not likely to surface any time soon, though.


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