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Thanks. I can see this being very useful, but It's not really going to be a solution for mobile devices where latency is poor. I was hoping to be able to write GTK apps that execute in the browser.

On 16/08/11 14:11, Keith Poole wrote:
AFAIK (I verg well may be wrong), it depends on the HTML5 canvas redraw. I'm assuming that it's going to be pretty close to VNC speeds as it _should_ only redraw whats changed, and I don't see why it can't employ at least basic compression. I may be miss-over/under-estimating things here though, and most likely am.

I should be testing this as part of our final testing ( on Fedora 15 amd64) in the next week or so though, so I'll let you know if I remember!

This is of course something I'm keeping a close eye on, as most things are going the way of the web these days, and Alexander Larsson is a very interesting person ;)

Keith Poole
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On 16/08/2011, at 9:13 PM, Stuart Johnson<stuart stu org uk>  wrote:

On 16/08/11 12:05, Keith Poole wrote:
Have a google of "GTK Broadway", your mind will be blown ;)

Yes I saw that.  It is very cool.  How scalable is it though? Is it like a VNC thing where bandwidth&  latency matter?

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