GLib 2.29.16

GLib 2.29.16 has been released:

   066540465360c37f9d2e9784fa4e1c96b6705ed2028d3b90dc89ea2bf43dee72  glib-2.29.16.tar.xz

Overview of changes from GLib 2.29.14 to 2.29.16

* GTlsDatabase: an abstract class that provides support
  or certificate and key lookup. An implementation will
  be provided in glib-networking

* GHmac: Support or HMAC digests

* Misc new API:
 - g_ptr_array_add_full: creates a GPtrArray with
   a preallocated size and a destroy function
 - g_desktop_app_info_get_show_in: checks if a GDesktopAppInfo
   should be shown in a given desktop environment
 - g_mkdtemp, g_mkdtemp_full, g_dir_make_tmp: create
   temporary directories

* Unify thread wakeup implementations of GMainContext
  and GCancellable, and use eventfd for it when available

* Show mounts in $XDG_USER_DIR in addition to /media and $HOME

* Bugs fixed:
 636572 GTlsCertificateDB
 644601 Some tests need a running dbus session
 652284 deal with small key lengths
 652827 glib-2.29.8 no longer builds with's toolchain
 653063 PEM parser fails parsing private key when put first
 654078 Fail to static linking with Glib library
 654450 New functions: g_ptr_array_new_full()
 654793 Add G_VALUE_INIT
 655044 GDesktopAppInfo: Add g_desktop_app_info_get_show_in()
 655148 gdbusconnection is broken when compiling with mingw
 655241 glocalfile.c no longer compiles with MinGW GCC
 655598 g_cancellable_get_fd: silently return -1 for NULL cancellable
 655664 gdbus should not abort if no dbus session is available
 655769 Use ZLIB_CFLAGS when compiling gio
 656031 Improve GVariant annotations
 656048 glib-codegen requires Python >= 2.5
 656151 configure test logic inverted, doesn't match comments
 656152 GCC only syntax used, yet other compilers allowed by configure.
 656162 allow use of lcov 1.9 for coverage
 656282 GDBusProxy: uninitialized local variables can be freed
 656283 Failing tls connection cause assertion
 118563 Add g_mkdtemp in the spirit of g_mkstemp
 636405 Add g_return_if_fail() to g_settings_bind_with_mapping()
 656039 race condition between GDBusProxy signals and public API
 656492 g_io_channel_new_file failure (open(2) behavior wrt POSIX)

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål

Thanks for this release go to:
 Antoine Jacoutot
 Behdad Esfahbod
 Chun-wei Fan
 Colin Walters
 Cosimo Cecchi
 Dan Winship
 David Zeuthen
 Dieter Verfaillie
 Marc-André Lureau
 Martin Pitt
 Matthias Clasen
 Murray Cumming
 Nicolas Dufresne
 Owen Taylor
 Pavel Holejsovsky
 Simon McVittie
 Sjoerd Simons
 Stef Walter
 Tomas Bzatek
 Vincent Untz
 Xavier Claessens


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