Need help: Gio & non local files on OSX Problem


I hope this is the right list regarding my problem.

I face the following problem:

I use Glib and GIO to access files. On Ubuntu everything works fine when I open files with the GFile API.
But when I compile the project on OSX I get an Error 'Operation not supported'
as soon I try to access a non local file from an http:// url.  

I installed GVFS but this ends up with the same problem.
The configuation of GVFS is
gio module directory : ${exec_prefix}/lib/gio/modules

        hotplug backend:              none

	Blu-ray metadata support:     no
        FTP/HTTP/WebDAV support:      yes
        ObexFTP support               no
	Samba support:	              no
	FUSE support:                 yes
        CDDA support:                 no
        Gphoto2 support:              no
	archive support:              yes
	AFC support:                  no
        DNS-SD support:               no
	Build HAL volume monitor:     no (with fast init path: no)
	Build GDU volume monitor:     no
	GNOME Keyring support:        yes
	Bash-completion support:      yes

So from what I see http should be available?!

Using libcurl/curl on an http file works fine.

I tried to figure out which GIO modules are available (except GVFS) but I did not find any usefull documentation yet.

So can anybody give me a hint how to setup glib/gio with all needed dependencies to get non local file access.

Thanks ,

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