CodeSlayer 1.0!

I hope it is Ok to post these kinds of things here...

I just released the first version of CodeSlayer! It is a lightweight source code editor that I have been working on for awhile now.

From the website (

“CodeSlayer is a source code editor that boasts a clean interface but powerful features. It is written in C using the GTK+ toolkit.

I think right now the target audience for CodeSlayer is anyone that does not need the features of a full blown IDE, but still wants a text editor that is geared towards writing code. The pace of work being done on CodeSlayer is very rapid so you can expect more functionality soon, but right now I think we have enough to label this 1.0!”

One of the things that might be interesting to GTK developers is the global search is done with just the GTK libraries. At first I tried the obvious and used command line utilities like grep and ack. Then I decided to try using the GTK libraries and found it to be way more flexible!

-Jeff Johnston

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