GLib 2.25.17 released

Hi all

A somewhat serious bug was discovered in GLib 2.25.16 as it was released
yesterday -- a complete failure to build against the system-installed
pcre (see bug #629971).

Because of the late date in the cycle leading up to GNOME 2.32, the
inconvenience to our users and distributors is great enough to warrant
the effort required to roll a new release.

So here's GLib 2.25.17 :)

    ba2543fa9dceb7dbcfbf00dcc3773cd649ef1698d7f7ad401f136e980559777d  glib-2.25.17.tar.bz2
    a932cceba58bf1c2d5d3c699fef3ad49823b27cc98381a1eafdcf8145a91761b  glib-2.25.17.tar.gz

Other than the bugfix mentioned above, the Portuguese translation was
also updated.  There were no other changes.


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