Re: Give keyboard focus to GtkMenu

I discovered that if my application's main window is focused when I pop-up
the GtkMenu anywhere on the screen, the GtkMenu also has keyboard focus
and can be navigated using the keyboard keys.

However, if my application's main window does _not_ have focus, that's
when the menu doesn't receive keyboard focus and can't be navigated using
the keyboard, though this is what I'm trying to accomplish: keyboard focus
to a GtkMenu even if the main window isn't in the foreground and doesn't
have focus.

> I'm popping-up a GtkMenu at random coordinates on the screen (outside of
> my application's main window). I'd like to give keyboard focus to this
> GtkMenu.
> Since I'm using Windows, I tried:
> SetForegroundWindow(GDK_WINDOW_HWND(menu->window));
> But that causes the menu to immediately disappear, as does:
> SetFocus(GDK_WINDOW_HWND(menu->window));
> I also tried:
> gtk_widget_grab_focus(menu);
> But that doesn't do anything at all. Any ideas? I'm trying to make it so
> that the user can navigate the menu using their keyboard.

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