GtkPrintOperation and custom tab

Dear GTK list,

I am working with WebKitGtk and I would like to do something like Firefox does in its print dialog: there is a custom
tab specifying if you want to include headers in the printed page. I added a custom tab inside the print dialog using
the GtkPrintOperation::create-custom-widget signal[1], this worked pretty well.
The problem starts here: since the print operation was called on a WebKitWebFrame, how can I modify the content
to be printed? I was trying to call webkit_web_view_open[2] on GtkPrintOperation::custom-widget-apply[3] signal,
passing the processed content page, but if the page is large enough, the print operation starts *before* the page is
fully loaded, so it prints only a part of it.

I appreciate any help.

Kind regards,
Ian L. Rodrigues


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