Re: Using gtk_widget_set_events()

On 3 November 2010 20:54, Scott Milne <Scott Milne iongeo com> wrote:
>  Hello,
> Can anyone advise me how to use gtk_widget_set_events() properly? I am
> trying to disable mousewheel scrolling for a GtkOptionMenu as follows:
> gtk_widget_set_events(GTK_WIDGET(option_menu),
> gtk_widget_get_events(GTK_WIDGET(option_menu)) & ~GDK_SCROLL_MASK);
> but I notice that gtk_widget_get_events() always returns 0, meaning I am
> always setting an event mask of 0 which seems to do nothing. Am I doing
> something wrong?

Since the get_event is returning zero and the widget is still working
clearly setting it to zero is going to have no effect.

Might be that the events are used by the menu not the option menu?

I presume this is old code because option_menu has been deprecated for
a long time and that might be part of the problem too.


> Thanks,
> Scott
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