Re: What is a GdkScreen?

On 3 November 2010 19:14, Oscar Lazzarino <oscar lazzarino i-m3d com> wrote:
> With two monitors you can have one X server with "traditional"
> multi-monitor, which is two screens, one for each monitor, or you can
> configure it with Xinerama, which will give you a single screen spanning the
> two monitors.

I see. The Wikipedia article on Xinerama also alludes to this, quoting
someone "We were frustrated by ... being unable to move applications
from one [monitor] to another" -- that is, each monitor was a separate
screen. (Of course, that article manages to use the terms "display",
"screen", and "monitor" in very ambiguous ways.)

I've never seen a Xinerama-less multihead setup, hence the confusion.

Thanks Robert and Oscar.


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