RE: GTK progressbar call on XRenderComposite

On Fri, 2010-05-21 at 15:51 +0800, Huang, FrankR wrote:
> Ok. The test is huge for the format. The whole format number(nformats)
> is 16, that includes a8r8g8b8,x8r8g8b8,a8,r5g6b5...x2b10g10r10. I
> think your suggest's format is used often. So I will point these
> format to tests. And maybe use one color. And test
> blend,composite,cacompoiste with Src(Dst,Over,Clear)...
> I'll go on:)

I would leave out "cacomposite" and test "repeat" instead.

Indeed, test only one thing from each category at first, get those
right, and then expand.

From: Jonathan Morton
      jonathan morton movial com

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