Re[6]: Does GTK leak memory

Hello american,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 11:35:21 PM, you wrote:


On Jun 2, 2010 1:36pm, Lothar Scholz <llothar web de> wrote:

> Maybe GTK is really just another toy?

Interesting way to ask for help.

> Best regards,


Well its the impression i get from GTK after spending

30 days writing an Eiffel wrapper which is compatible to 

my MFC and Cocoa Wrapper.

I could write an even worse comment about the GtkFileChooser

and GtkFileChooserButton but i try to forget this as 

soon as possible. Took me already too much time and 

heart blood.

BTW: Greetings from the


Best regards,

 Lothar                            mailto:llothar web de

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