Proper way of installing gconf schemas


I'm looking for the proper way of installing gconf schema files for my
application. I've read and I basically
can install my schema but:

* when running 'sudo make ...' the schema is visible for superuser, not
for regular users.

* when running 'make ...' the schema gets installed for the current
user, but not for superusers.

What is the proper process of installing schema files (containing
default values) from a makefile using 'sudo make ...' for *all* users at

Am I missing something? It follows an excerpt from my makefile:

export GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE=$(shell if test -x "$(gconftool)"; then
$(gconftool) --get-default-source; fi)

        install data/apps_sbackup_global-preferences.schemas
        $(gconftool) --makefile-install-rule

        if test -e
"$(GCONF_SCHEMA_FILE_DIR)/apps_sbackup_global-preferences.schemas"; then
$(gconftool) --makefile-uninstall-rule
$(GCONF_SCHEMA_FILE_DIR)/apps_sbackup_global-preferences.schemas; fi
        rm -f

As an addition to my own question:

If I use 'sudo gconf-schemas --register ...' rather than the recommended
'$(gconftool) --makefile-uninstall-rule ...' the schema gets registered
for all users.

What is the exact difference of both commands. Can/should I use the
first one as it does what I expect?

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance.

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