Re: How to embed a shell into GTK window

Am Sun, 18 Jul 2010 17:35:39 +0800
schrieb "Bruce" <bruce1914 uestc edu cn>:

Hello Bruce,

you may want to have a look on VTE:


> Dear All,
> 	I am currently writing an IDE program using GTK. In my application,
> I what to embed a shell into my GUI, so user can choose to enter command to
> operate, just like Matlab.
> 	My first ideal is to use GtkTextView, and capture user's input and
> interpret it as command. However, I find it a bit complex since I have to
> write several features by myself, such as: matching with tab, history and
> etc. 
> 	Therefore, I am wondering if there are any easier ways to implement
> this feature, a best solution would be a widget that I can use directly.
> 	Thanks in advance!
> Bruce Cheng
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