Sending GdkEvents to Gtk Widget


Is it possible to send GdkEvents to a GtkWidget from the application?

Currently I've a GIOChannel which is listening to a socket and the GSource is attached to the Glib main loop.

    gtk_init(NULL, NULL);

    channel = g_io_channel_unix_new (fd);
    g_io_channel_set_encoding (channel, NULL, NULL);
    g_io_channel_set_buffered (channel, FALSE);

    source = g_io_create_watch (channel, G_IO_IN);
    g_source_set_priority (source, G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT);
    g_source_set_can_recurse (source, TRUE);
    g_source_set_callback (source, (GSourceFunc) event_handler, NULL, NULL);
    g_source_attach (source, NULL);

    g_source_unref (source);


GdkEvents (Keyboard events) are passed from say another process by writing to the socket fd.

Glib calls the callback "event_handler" for data available to read. The event_handler callback reads the GdkEvent passed by another process and calls gtk_main_do_event to pass the event to the widget.

But this doesn't work and the application freezes.

I use gdk_threads_enter and gdk_threads_leave in the callback and before gtk_main for making gtk thread aware as the callback comes from Glib.

Kindly help me in providing a mechanism to pass GdkEvents from the top. If this is not possible, please explain why.

The main purpose for which I need this is I'm using GtkWebKit and I send Tab key event to make the focus move to the next element in the Webview.

Events are being fed from another process.

Kind regards,

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