Use Umlauts on a Swiss Keyboard


I'm not sure if the following question belongs to this group.

I use several applications under Windows that use GTK as their widget library
e.g. HgTortoise and Sylpheed. I always had problems entering capital umlauts. I
always thought that it has something to do with my computer, but I recently
discovered that others have this problems as well, but only if they have
activated the swiss keyboard layout. With the german keyboard layout everything
seems fine.

What's the difference? On german layouts you enter a capital umlaut like a small
umlaut, while holding the shift key. On swiss layouts this is impossible (In
Word, Excel, ... aswell). You have to press Caps-Lock first, then write the
small umlaut, and then press Caps-Lock again. This may seem a bit odd, but
because capital umlauts are not that frequent, it is not that bad.

Every application on Windows works that way, but unfortunately it seems that it
is impossible to enter an capital umlaut in every GTK applications. If I copy
a capital umalut into the clipboard (e.g. with notepad) and paste it into the
GTK application, GTK is able to display the umlaut without any problem,
therefore it's not the rendering engine that has a problem.

Has anyone any idea how to change this behaviour, or is this a bug?

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