Re: Remarks on gtk docs

This here (the middle paragraph) had been cut by a bug anywhere -
it is in the version in my "Sent" folder. I send it a second time
from Thunderbird - perhaps i must search for another email client
than Thunderbird, Sylpheed or Pegasus)

And i had found it somewhere on - yes it is documented.
But not at the prominent place, where it has to. This must be in one
of the first paragraphs on .rc files everywhere.

gtk authors will have had reasons for this ideosyncratic behavior of "widget".
From the first  look it appears as nothing as another weakness - and
that is, what i want to state as the second main point here: The documentation
must be more honest to be well usable. These days i begin to make
the User Manual for my commercial OKamba. I will cut off any try of
pseudo-objectivity there and use a lot of "i"s (hopefully not too penetrant)
using it for advertisement with the same move. But i will speak of more than one
weakness of OKamba there - and prevent useless searching of the users so.

The gtk docs - without any need - do so nowhere :(
That is a sure way to loose the battle against QT.

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