Re: gtk_window_set_default

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 03:40:53PM -0200, Teste123 Teste123 wrote:
> The function gtk_window_set_default as the documentation: "The default
> widget is the widget that's activated when the user presses Enter in a
> dialog (for example)"
> But how it works in a GtkWindow? The default widget will be activate
> when the user press what?

The default widget will be activated when something calls
gtk_window_activate_default(window); or emits "activate-default" signal
on the window.

That's the 100% correct answer.

Usually this means again pressing Enter (when the window contains
something like GtkEntry that does gtk_window_activate_default() when you
press Enter), or that it never happens (when there is no widget that
would do it).


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