Reference counting threaded objects

I've been working on an object that processes data using background
threads. I've come to a bit of a problem with reference counting, if the
objects reference count reaches zero, I want the threads to abort after
finishing the current item. To do this, I have a flag in the object
which is checked before processing each item, when it is set to TRUE by
the objects dispose function, the threads abort.

The problem with this is that the object gets destroyed while the
threads are still using it. It makes sense that the threads should hold
a reference to the object that they're using, but then the object is
holding a reference to itself and will never be freed.

One solution to this is to set the flag and then wait for all the
threads in the dispose function. The easiest way to do this seems to be
to use a read-write lock and read-lock it during each thread, and then
write-lock it in the dispose method. Unfortunately, this causes
g_object_unref to hang until all the threads finish, which might not be

The other idea I had was to add a weak reference to the object for each
thread and then have the notify function add a strong reference. This
way, the objects dispose function is called which toggles the flag, but
the finalize function is prevented because the object gets referenced.
When each thread aborts, they can unref the object again which will
eventually trigger the finalize function.

I think this way will work, but it seems kind of ugly. Can anyone
suggest a better way to do this? If not, would it be worth adding
something to glib to handle cases like this? Perhaps something like
g_object_thread_ref(GObject *object) and then have a callback for when
the normal reference count drops to zero but wait for the thread
reference count to drop to zero before actually calling dispose and

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