Set WindowType of Gtk::Dialog


I'm trying to create a Gtk::Dialog which has WindowType == WINDOW_POPUP.

I think this should be possible, since I can create Dialogs in Glade and set the window type to popup. The resulting dialog won't have a title bar and won't be moveable, which is the effect that I'm trying to achieve and why I'm doing this all of this in the first place. But now I want to do this using code, instead of glade.

While Gtk::Window's constructor receives WindowType as a parameter, I found no way to pass it through the constructor of Gtk::Dialog. I also tried to dig into libglade's source code to find out how a Dialog is built when <property name="type">popup</property> appears in the .glade definition, to no avail. The Gtk::Window::property_type is read-only and Gtk::Window::set_type_hint doesn't help either. So I wonder how it's done!

If there is another way of achieving the described effect, I would like to know, too.

Any help is appreciated,
Jong Bor.

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