Re: undo in textview

>there is also a more general undo framework,

That website seems dead (no code available etc). However, I recently
updated my own little undo class and corresponding viewer widget (code
at , I blogged about it at ).
It's not a library, but just two classes to be copied into another
project, and a very small demo/test app.

It was only after that task when I spotted gundo
(, which is pretty close to what I came
up with, and had some activity half a year ago. It might even be a
revived version of the old GtkUndo project. However, I found my code
more flexible and easier to use, but I am obviously biased.

Anyways, given that undo is a very important user interaction component,
and it's nasty to have library dependancies for one or two classes, I
think it would be nice to have a "standard" class and a corresponding
viewer in GTK+. It might motivate people to include undo functionality
in their own code, increasing usability for GTK+ applications in
general, and it could also save as a basis for GTK+-provided undo
capabilities in its own widgets where it makes sense (thus, closing the
loop to the undo-in-text-views request).


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