Setting the minimal size of child widget in a button box

I am wondering how the minimal size of child widgets of a GtkButtonBox
can be set. I know that it can be done via
gtk_button_box_set_child_size() but that function is declared
deprecated. The doc advises to use the properties "child-min-width" and
"child-min-height" instead, but these two properties are read-only, not
read-write. I wonder if that's a bug.

What I was trying to do was to use the new GtkInfoBar widget, and place
a minimal, icon-only close button in the bar (the style that is often
found in tabs, for example).

The button always had a too large minimal size. I was only able to get
past that restriction when I realized (by digging in the gtk+ source
code) that gtk_info_bar_get_action_area() returned a GtkVButtonBox as a
button container, on which I called above mentioned deprecated function.
The lack of documentation on what gtk_info_bar_get_action_area()
actually returns could be another bug.

I'd appreciate any hint if I am missing something obvious. if not, I can
file those two issues in the bug tracker.


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