[ANNOUNCE] Virtual globe library

I've been working on a weather application called AWeather[1], which
needs to display maps of the earth. I haven't been able to find anything
suitable so I've started work on a new virtual globe library using GTK+
and OpenGL.

It works similar to something like Google Earth or NASA World Wind,
except it's designed as a library instead of an application so it can
(theoretically) be used in something other than AWeather. So far I've
been using Blue Marble NG[2] and SRTM 30 Plus[3] data for textures and
elevations because they're free and easy to access, but there are higher
resolution datasets as well.

The code is currently available in the AWeather git repository[4] and
from gitweb[5]. If anyone's interested in helping out or using the
library, I'll split it out into a separate repository. It's still a bit
slow and buggy but I think it should compile for most people. There's a
demo program of just the virtual globe under src/gis/gis_test.c

Here's a couple screenshots of how it looks:


[1] http://lug.rose-hulman.edu/wiki/AWeather
[2] http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/BlueMarble/
[3] http://topex.ucsd.edu/WWW_html/srtm30_plus.html
[4] git clone git://lug.rose-hulman.edu/proj/aweather
[5] http://lug.rose-hulman.edu/git/?p=proj/aweather;f=src/gis;a=tree

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