Re: Status of GTK+ on Mac OS X?

2009/9/2 John Pye <john curioussymbols com>:
> Is there a buildbot somewhere running continuous integration testing of
> GTK+ with the Mac platform? What about other platforms? Is that
> something that the community is lacking in order to progress this stuff?

For other platforms (basically linux), you can take a look here: [1]

> For my project, I had already concluded that noone else was going to
> write a Mac port, so I bought a Mac so I could do it myself. I'd be
> happy to make this Mac available as a buildbot or build server of some
> sort, at least for a certain fixed number of hours per day, if that was
> going to be useful to people.

That would be really great.
I think you should contact with buildbrigade people [2]:

 - Mailing list:
 - IRC: #build-brigade on



Javier Jardón Cabezas

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