Intricate changes to Quartz/OSX backend


Over the weekend I have reworked how the Quartz backend does its
coordinate transformation.  You can imagine this is at the very core
of the backend and thus a very intricate change set.  I have just
pushed these changes to git master.  This is a call out to all GTK+ users
on Quartz to please report any issues they find so we can iron out
any regressions quickly.

These changes were needed to properly implement multi monitor support
in the Quartz backend.  The code implementing this support has also
been pushed to git master.  This includes support for emitting the
::size-changed and ::monitors-changed GdkScreen signals when appropriate.
I have tested this with a myriad of dual monitor setups on my Tiger laptop,
I will give it some testing on my Snow Leopard machine later this week.
Again, testing is appreciated and if you find issues, please let me know.



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