Re: Creating Buttons from PNG Images. (GTK+C)

2009/10/12 K.B. <balarkalpesh yahoo com>:
> Hello every one,
> Sorry if i am posting this question in wrong place.
> I am new to GTK just doing some examples manually and by using Glade...
> I just want to create Buttons like shown in below Image.
> Image: Buttons.JPG
> These are created with 4 PNG Images.
> Normal, Pressed, Focus, Disabled.

I've never used images as button states, but maybe the GtkStyle
associated to a button can be tweaked to do the trick (there is a
bg_pixmap[] attribute).

> Using GTK under C. Does anyone knows how to do it?
> How we to add images to Button?

GtkButton objects inherit from GtkContainer (specifically GtkBin) so
you can add images to buttons using gtk_container_add().



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