Problems with gtk.Entry in gnome applet


I've been trying to work out a gnome panel applet since this friday
and have finally ended up in weird issue, this might have come due my
lack of understanding of applets/gtk+. So I seek some

The source of my applet can be checked out here -
To run it -

$ sudo ./
' it just copies files into /usr/share/gtweetbar and main script to
/usr/local/bin as source uses absolute path

$ python ./ run-in-window
' this would run the applet into its own window, where everything is
functioning properly - - with respect to
the gtk.Entry in center.

While when you do a right click on a panel and add the applet to it,
the gtk.Entry box becomes un-typable. It never gets focus. I have
tried to put all the widgets into an EventBox() but still I didn't
find any change. -

I'm able to do a right click on the gtk.Entry(), am able to
cut-copy-paste stuff into it, but not able to see a cursor in to so as
to type in a tweet.
Relevant code -

Let me know if you are aware of any applet that has been made in pygtk
and has an entry box in it. I tried looking at tracker-search bar's
code, but could'nt grasp much, it being written in C.

Let me know if there is a way to activate the gtk.Entry (txtTweet in
this code) when I run the code in applet mode.

Abhishek Mishra

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