Re: State of Gtk+-2.18 On Windows

> As I am currenlty unable to test, could someone please advise me on the
> state of Gtk+-2.18 on windows?

Try it, there are binaries in . You will
need up-to-date dependencies too, in hopefully self-evident locations
near to that.

> Has it been ported to support the new client side windows work?

I don't know if "ported" is the right term here. As I understand it,
client side windows code was from the start written for the Windows
backend, too. How well it works is another question. I have heard that
some complex applications behave wildly erratically with GTK+.
gtk-demo seems to work fine, though.

The ms-windows theme engine doesn't work nicely in GTK+ 2.18, so I
don't include it in the binaries above. This is unfortunate. This is a
problem in the ms-windows theme engine code, it needs to be modified
to work with client-side windows.

Also, using the GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable to fall back
to non-client-side-windows code causes erratic behaviour and crashes,
just in gtk-demo even.

But otherwise it seems to work...


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