focus-chain; Python-API depikt


i have problems with gtk_container_set_focus_chain,
as i had earlier with pygtk.

Here my question: Can i exclude children of a container
by this method from the focus_chain (as long as the
focus isn't set by the mouse to the excluded widgets)
or only "reorder" them ? This here from the reference

Sets a focus chain, overriding the one computed automatically by GTK+.

In principle each widget in the chain should be a descendant of the container,
but this is not enforced by this method, since it's allowed to set the
focus chain before you pack the widgets, or have a widget in the chain
that isn't always packed. The necessary checks are done when the focus chain
is actually traversed.

is not clear in this point. Or was
gtk_container_set_focus_chain defunct for Windows anyway
in 2.16.6 ?

Currently this is the last known bug in depikt, my new
Python-API in one file. depikt now supports threads, its
classes are subclassable without problems. With show_all()
and gdk_Pixbuf_serialize() for inlining pixbufs to Python code
(analogous to gdk_pixbuf_csource, which gives nothing usable with
Python) in all its minimality it already has features
pygtk has not. The status will be set to "Alpha" soon.

Thanks for reading, Joost Behrends

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