Embed gstreamer video in a GtkNotebook tab


I'm trying to make a video player using gtk and gstreamer. I already can show gstreamer videos in a gtk window (as shown in http://tristanswork.blogspot.com/2008/09/fullscreen-video-in-gstreamer-with-gtk.html), but I need to show the video in a tab of the GtkNotebook widget. I asked in the gstreamer mailing list how to do that, and they tell me to use the GtkSocket widget, but it isn't as simple as it seems. GtkSocket needs a GtkPlug, which needs a GdkNativeWindow. I'm not sure on how to connect the gstreamer x-overlay plugin (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/data/doc/gstreamer/head/pwg/html/section-iface-xoverlay.html) with the GtkSocket/GtkPlug. I think this is because of my lack of X11 knowledge. Do you think trying to use GtkSocket/GtkPlug is really the path to go? Any other suggestion?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Joao Paulo

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