GTK+ 2.16.3 released

GTK+ 2.16.3 is now available for download at:

md5 sums:
a224d3a34e21ec161e9041a17f90ad26  gtk+-2.16.3.tar.bz2
0af96da1d11c9e61204701f88918db4a  gtk+-2.16.3.tar.gz

sha1 sums:
aaa238941634b139da4ec67764f4cf3ec6e8dbcb  gtk+-2.16.3.tar.bz2
097a6d3aa21f1573dcbdc60f14cac824ac6c6e9d  gtk+-2.16.3.tar.gz

This is a bug fix release in the 2.16 series.


GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for
projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of
languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and
Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides
an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the
licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all
developers, including those developing proprietary software, without
any license fees or royalties.

Where to get more information about GTK+

Information about GTK+ including links to documentation can be
found at:

An installation guide for GTK+ 2.x is found at:

Common questions:


GTK+ is a large project and relies on voluntary contributions.
We are actively searching for new contributors in various areas
and invite everyone to help project development.
If you are willing to participate, please subscribe to the project
mailing lists to offer your help and read over our list of vacant
project tasks:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.16.2 to 2.16.3

* Bugs fixed:
 565317 Resulting image of GtkCellRendererPixbuf depends on order
 586315 gtk_file_chooser_list_shortcut_folders() was crashing
 461944 pressing the volume icon in full screen shuts down the...
 529908 Sanitize handling of motion events in GtkNotebook
 564063	regression: Left margin in popup menus
 585626 Setting widget tooltip hammers X11 server on any TCP/IP X...
 585858	right-click Add-to-Booksmarks is sometimes greyed out
 585953	Invalid link in the first page of GTK tutorial
 586330	GtkButton ignores use_underline when an image is set

* Updated translations:
 Bengali India
 Brazilian Portuguese

Thanks to the contributors:
Daniel Elstner
Federico Mena Quintero
Bastien Nocera
Stanislav Brabec

June 28, 2009
Matthias Clasen

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