Gtktextview scroll bar issue (emergency)

Hi all,
    I am porting gtk+directfb to arm926 platform. 
After porting, run gtk-demo, and found some issue about control

When dragging scrollbar up/down. visible part of gtktextview turn
black(background color), so
I can not see the content of textline.

What cause this issues? Gtktextview or gtktextlayout or gtktextdisplay
's issue? Or pango's issue? 

Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.
The following is my package versions:

DirectFB --->1.3
Gtk+ --->2.16.0
Glib -->2.18.4
Pango --> 1.22.4
Cairo ---> 1.8.6
Atk ---->1.24.0

Best Regards
pengzhuo wang(bobwang)
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No.585 Xizhang Rd(M),Shanghai,200003,P.R.C
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