Re: no clipping between sibling widgets in GTK on Quartz

   On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Ken Cheetham<cheetham franz com> wrote:
   > Hello -- I'm having a problem that's specific to GTK on Quartz for the
   > Mac (GTK-OSX), in case anyone has knowledge of that port.

   Your assessment is correct, and as far I understand it (which is
   pretty far) it is not correctable in any sane way.

   The documentation for NSWindow and NSView, the Cocoa/Quartz classes
   make it clear that
   the basic drawing model in Quartz does not support clipping like this.

Paul, thanks a lot for confirming my suspicion.  We will need to
consider what route to take from here.

-- Ken

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