Printing with gtk+, cairo and pango - need to iterate glyphs and problems with pango attributes

I'm trying to print a form which I developed with gtk+. I developed it on m$
Vista with mingw and glade libraries from I didn't write it on
GNU/Linux because it should run on win32. That's why I installed ghostscript and
FreePDF to print to PDF to save toner and paper.
I don't understand why the following codes don't work and I have a need for both
for simple usage and iterating glyphs!

First I tried this whereby every letter seems to be painted at same position:

ar_print_draw_page(ArPrint *print, GtkPrintOperation *operation, GtkPrintContext
*context, gint page_nr)
  cairo_t *cr;
  PangoLayout *layout;
  PangoFontDescription *desc;
  PangoAttrList *attribute_list;
  PangoAttribute *attribute;
  PangoLayoutRun *run;
  PangoRectangle logical_rect;
  GList *list_line, *list_run;
  guint x_offset, y_offset;
  void ar_print_draw_page_header(){
    gdouble info_width;
    gdouble font_size, offset;

    info_width = (print->content_width) * (5.35 / 18.5);
    offset = 0.0;

    cairo_set_source_rgb(cr, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

    cairo_rectangle(cr, print->padding_left + info_width, print->padding_top,
print->content_width - info_width, print->header_height);

    cairo_rectangle(cr, print->padding_left, print->padding_top, info_width,

    layout = gtk_print_context_create_pango_layout(context);
    //    layout = pango_layout_new(pango_cairo_create_context(cr));
    pango_layout_set_text(layout, "Title\nsecondary text\0", -1);

    desc = pango_font_description_from_string("Arial 10\0");
    pango_layout_set_font_description(layout, desc);
    //    pango_font_description_free(desc);

    attribute_list = pango_attr_list_new();

    attribute = pango_attr_size_new(9);
    attribute->start_index = 0;
    attribute->end_index = 6;
    pango_attr_list_insert(attribute_list, attribute);

    attribute = pango_attr_size_new(7);
    attribute->start_index = 6;
    attribute->end_index = 15;
    pango_attr_list_insert(attribute_list, attribute);

    pango_layout_set_attributes(layout, attribute_list);
    pango_layout_set_alignment(layout, PANGO_ALIGN_LEFT);


    cairo_set_source_rgb(cr, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
    cairo_move_to(cr, print->padding_left, print->padding_top);
    pango_cairo_show_layout(cr, layout);


  void ar_print_draw_page_body(){
  void ar_print_draw_page_footer(){

  cr = gtk_print_context_get_cairo_context(context);


furthermore I tried something like following and got the same result as above:

ar_print_draw_page(ArPrint *print, GtkPrintOperation *operation, GtkPrintContext
*context, gint page_nr)

 list0 = pango_layout_get_lines(layout);

 y_off = 0;

 for(i = 0; i < rows && list0 != NULL; i++){
   list1 = ((PangoLayoutLine *) (list0->data))->runs;
   x_off = 0;

   while(list1 != NULL){
     run = (PangoLayoutRun *) list1->data;

     pango_glyph_string_extents(run->glyphs, run->item->analysis.font,
                                NULL, &logical_rect);

     pango_cairo_show_glyph_string(cr, run->item->analysis.font, run->glyphs);

     x_off += logical_rect.width;
     list1 = list1->next;

   y_off += height;
   list0 = list0->next;


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