Disabling highlighting in GTK

I'm working with GTK to develop a browser using WebKit which was fairly easy. WebKit is essentially just placed inside of a ScrolledWindow. The question I have is how I would disable text/object highlighting? Since the browser will run on a touch screen, any finger movement causes things to be highlighted.

I believe this is a problem that must be solved in GTK and therefore I tried to get a demo going where I would try to disable text highlighting in a TextView object. I was unsuccessful in my endeavor, having looked through the API there seem to be no easy fix. I have events linked to each of the steps used in highlighting text, press, motion and release, but I don't know how to actually prevent it from highlighting. 

Is there any way to intercept the events, such as the motion, and only send the ones like click through to the GTK widget? Any pointers or potential work arounds would be greatly appreciated!



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