Validation in a TreeView


   I'm trying to add validation in a TreeView for sqlkit[1] project.
   That's PyGtk code but I was not able to get support on PyGtk list,
   so please tell me if you think that problems may depend on the bindings.

   Connecting to cell's 'edited' signal I can trigger validation on a cell
   input and if the field is not valid I reset it to previous value. That's
   not ideal, since the invalid value gets deleted and must be completely
   reentered while I'd like to leave it there.

   Really It's pretty easy to do exacly what I want trapping a Tab on the
   editable, but that's junst *one* way to travel throught data (albeith
   very common).

   What I was not able to do is to prevent from moving from that cell, from
   within the 'edited' callback. I don't know how to stop any further
   processing of possible precedent events (click on other cell or DonwArrow
   or Tab...)

   Any hints?


Sandro Dentella  *:-)
[1]   SQLkit home page - PyGTK/python/sqlalchemy

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