GtkFileChooser and ~/.recently-used.xbel

Hi all,

Since I recently upgraded to GTK+ 2.12 I've been having a lot of trouble with my automated tests. Several of these make use of GtkFileChooser and they are typically run in parallel to each other. The problem is that normal usage of GtkFileChooser (not attempting to make use of the recently used functionality which I didn't know existed until now) seems to frequently recreate the file ~/.recently-used.xbel and therefore the tests collide with each other as one removes what the others are trying to read.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Either configuring the location of the above file (although looking in the source it looks very hardcoded I must say...) or disabling the thing entirely? I've seen the trick of replacing the file with a similarly named directory but that causes lots of errors to be written to stderr, which I'd also like to avoid if possible...

Any advice appreciated.

Geoff Bache

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