gdk-dfb drawing function's flip policy and unique drawing model between X11 and Directfb

Hi all,

Gdkdrawable-directfb drawing function's gdk_directfb_update_region is removed since gtk+-2.12.x.

I know this feature has some advantages on performance and buffering outside of expose.

But in the viewpoint of unique interface between X11 and Directfb, it would give some confusion to application developers.

Although we have same interfaces, gdk_window_begin_paint_xxx and gdk_window_end_paint, to reflect on screen, we don't still have gdk_flush in Directfb. And this makes different drawing model from X11.

Implementing gdk_flush and supporting same behavior in Directfb is right policy?
I'm really wondering that there is any plan to make this in opensource side.

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